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    Headquartered in Potomac, Maryland, U.S.A.

2016 - Present: UXDTM

Renamed Company,
Insured Company,
Completed Contracts.

'New-fangled' Name. Same Work. See For Yourself (Reg.).


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About Me

User eXperience DesignTM Limited is a newly renamed company focusing on digital experience design and is a one-man shop that grew out of my background in startup work, higher education (while working in order to apply what I learned immediately to work while getting my degree), and being self-employed so I don't have to earn permission to use new skills because my clients were always willing to receive more for the rates I charged while I was finishing my degree. I can always come up with a catchy phrase for you, and I will, when that time is right. But for now, this has to do with how I got here, instead of what distinguishes me from the competition, because my path here already does that. [PS: I finally finished learning CSS targeting! Boy do I hate it!]

"Key" User Experience Designs

Style Tile
Hi-Def Wireframe
Usability IV&V


User eXperience DesignTM has been instrumental in establishing a cohesive multimedia face for my small business. I found them easy to work with and my expectations were def initely exceeded.

Karen H., C2C Client
(Face Masked for Privacy)

Working with Mike of User eXperience DesignTM was a great and professional experience. I'm a small business owner and really appreciated Mike's very prompt and professional responses and feedback when he helped my business logo come to life...

Gabriella R., Thumbtack Client
(Face Masked for Privacy)