U X Design Limited
  • CA PRINCIPLE ADDRESS 1900 Oro Dam Blvd E Suite 12 Mailbox 273 Oroville CA 95966-5934
  • Tel:240-338-7454

2016-'19 + 2020-'22 + 2024 🚀🧑🏽‍🚀

Renamed Company
To: "MTPE Global"
Fired Accountant.

Corrected The Errant NAICS Code My Frmr. Accountant Entered By Mistake.

About My Company

User Experience Design is a fresh and innovative company that specializes in digital experience design, also known as U X Design and U I Design. It's still "fresh" today because the field changes by nature. I have been doing this since before I picked up a glass of wine at a bar and before my first time ever getting drunk. I went out to drink after spending 120 hours spread out across seven days and my friends staged an intervention and took me drinking. I was too serious back then. These days, I'm only serious about my health and living my best life. Everything life has thrown at me I've been lucky to have or lucky to dodge (if it's the bad stuff). If you do business with me, you'll know I'm a workaholic. If you don't, you probably will never know me. I'm not big on attention.

U X Designs

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U X Design Limited has been instrumental in establishing a cohesive multi-media 'face' for my small business. I found them easy to work with and my expectations were definitely exceeded.

Karen H., C2C Client
(Her Face Masked for Privacy)

Working with Mike of U X Design Limited was a great and professional experience. I'm a small business owner and really appreciated Mike's very prompt and professional responses and feedback when he helped my business logo come to life.

Gabriella R., Thumbtack Client
(Her Face Masked for Privacy)